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Resources for the Covid-19 emergency, Uncategorized

WiseLifeLab – Call for Partnership

2017, Link, Marzo, Uncategorized

(English) Contemplative pedagogy: a counterforce in higher education?

2016, Dicembre, Link, Uncategorized

(English) Nine questions for a GNH-filled new year

2016, Link, Maggio, Uncategorized

(English) MoneyLab#3: Failing Better – 1 and 2 December 2016 – Amsterdam

2016, Dicembre, Link, Uncategorized

(English) Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy, December 1-4 2016, Philadelphia

2016, Link, Novembre, Uncategorized

(English) Platform Cooperativism, Building the cooperative Internet – Webcast by Internet Society – 11/13 November 2016

2017, Aprile, Call for Papers, Uncategorized

(English) Reconstructing Urban Natures?: Building Engagements between Green Urbanism, the Resilient City, and Urban Political Ecology, 5/10 April 2017 – Boston MA

2017, Aprile, Call for Papers, Uncategorized

(English) Is another smart city possible? Sharing cities and the urban commons in a digital age – April 5/9 2016 – Boston MA

2016, Link, Settembre, Uncategorized

(English) MIND AND LIFE INSTITUTE Power & Care live event – September 9-11 – Brussels, Belgium

2016, Publications, Settembre, Uncategorized

(English) Contemplative Social Research – Caring for Self, Being and Lifeworld, edited by Valerie M. Bentz and Vincenzo Giorgino

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