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(English) CAPS Community Meeting and Workshop – 18 May 2016 – Berlin

This event aims at bringing together old and new CAPS projects, discussing ideas for the next workprogramme, defining clusters of projects, and ultimately establishing a working community of innovation entities that will actively cooperate with the EC on Digital Social Innovation over the coming years.

The venue is chosen because of the vibrant community of social innovators present in Berlin and the date is just before the European Citizen Science conference http://www.ecsa2016.eu/ , which includes a panel on the importance of citizen engagement and collective intelligence seen from the bottom-up CAPS perspective of ‘awareness, data, actionable change and innovation’.

The community meeting is mainly for the 36 CAPS projects to meet each other and their project officers, but it is also open to any external participant interesting in gathering knowledge about the current developments and interacting first-hand the current CAPS activities, from peer to peer.

This is an event organised by the European Commission. Participation is free of monetary charge – but you need to bring ideas.


8:30 registration

9:00 Opening and Introduction of organisers (F. Sestini, L. Anania, J. Schepers, H. Benking, F. Lenser)

9:05 Meeting the CAPS projects I (roundtable): gathering open data to enable new collaborative approaches (presentations and discussion)

-Chic: supporting CAPS projects and activities

-CAP4ACCESS: collectively gathering and sharing information about accessibility of public spaces (Silke Maria Georgi, Sozialhelden e.V)

-DECARBONET: Engaging citizens with climate change” (Lara Piccolo, Open University)

-NETCOMMONS (Renato Lo Cigno, Univ. of Trento)

-the OPENCARE engagement model (Nadia El Imam)

-Open4Citizens: opening up data for bottom-up city innovation (Morten Lindblad,  DataProcess)

-PROFIT: Financial data exchange and education, Alternative banks (Miroslav Konecny)

-SavingFood2.0 – Tackling food waste through the collaborative power of online networks (Brian Pickering, IT Innovation)

-SOCRATIC sustainability challenges (Yolanda Rueda, cybervoluntarios)

-Wikirate and Chainreact: citizens rating companies on CSR ()

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Meeting the CAPS projects II (roundtable): building a collaborative framework for makers (presentations and discussion)

-CAPSELLA: From farm to fork – Feeding the world with data (Eleni Toli, Univ. of Athens)

-CAPTOR: Citizen science, collaborative networks and environmental activism on air pollution(Jorge Garcia Vidal, Univ. Pol. Catalunya)

-the MAZI toolkit for citizen engagement (Stavroula Maglavera, Univ. of Thessaly)

-MAKE-IT: Peer Production, Value Creation and Governance ()

-MAKING SENSE (Susana Nascimento, JRC)

-HACKAIR: Collection of Multimodal Environmental Data for Air Quality Estimation(Christodoulos Keratidis, Draxis)

-STARS4ALL: preserve the darkness of European skies (Oscar Corcho, Univ. Pol. Madrid)

-IA4SI : measuring impact and specific CAPS contributions to social innovation

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Harvesting Ideas I: WHAT WE NEED TO ENABLE COLLABORATION: a techno-social brainstorming about decentralising data governance, new networking approaches based on peer to peer and blockchains

-working groups (worldcafé style)

-expected result: ideas for the next H2020 workprogramme

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Harvesting Ideas II (Magic roundtable style): empowering participants to share their ideas for collaboration or future research activities by sharing and gifting “time” from other fellows, as a form of encouragement and to manifest interest.

17:30 Closing – open end

from 19:00: after event (not offered) at restaurant http://www.casalot.de,Claire-Waldoff-Straße 5, 10117 Berlin

WHEN Wednesday, May 18, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CEST) – Add to Calendar

WHERE Berlin – Internationales Kulturzentrum ufaFabrik e.V. Viktoriastrasse 10-18, 12105 Berlin, Germany – View Map

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