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(English) #NuitDebout 2 – How #NuitDebout turned into #GlobalDebout – Angela de Bernardi

How #Nuit Debout turned into #Global Debout

Nuit Debout, the protest movement that has risen in Paris, organized two major protests on two different days. The first one was on 7th May (see previous article) and the other was on 15th May 2016. Though being born as a wave of protest against the El Khomri Law in France, Nuit Debout has been able to open up to the world.

In fact, on Sunday 15th May Paris has awoken cities around the globe, almost 400 in 23 countries.
The movement reached cities and countries not only in Europe, we can mention Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Rome, Naples, Milan, Padua, Madrid, Glasgow, Toulouse, London, Bordeaux, Zaragoza, but also around the world, such as Montreal, San Francisco, Rio De Janeiro and so many others. It has indeed turned into a Global Debout.

Place de la République was filled with people from everywhere, foreign media that came to report about the movement, and a lot of activists.
Through the usage of new technologies, like the new live video streaming app Periscope, the event has been followed throughout the day even from people who could not participate personally.

The day has been organized during all the previous week in order to welcome people and schedule a particular timeline for the development of Sunday.

In the morning people could go and visit the Accueil, a stand where information about the discussions going on could be found and where they could ask for help if needed.
Then there were spaces of free speech in which people could come up and share their opinions about a specific topic under discussion or a reflection over general matters.
The major themes faced were international problems, common struggles and national ones.
Periscope has been used, not only in Paris but also in all the other cities to keep the people informed through a clear channel.

An important event that has been planned was the taken of two pictures in all the squares occupied at a precise moment (8 p.m.) as a symbol of the power of the people.

For the first picture, people were asked to sit down and mimic shouting but all in a perfect silence, and for the second one, they had to jump up, hands up, shouting with all their lungs what was their desire for freedom.
The idea was to show that by shouting they could be heard by the government, because “they do not hear us when we speak” (a speaker introducing the Nuit Debout movement in Paris, Place de la République, 16th May 2016).

A part from this symbolic event, another one that has to be mentioned is the presence of the Orchestra Debout, formed by musicians that has never seen each other but by playing together they created a beautiful concert, as Nuit Debout is formed by people that has come together to change the world for the better.

The movement was heard from everywhere and the presence of the police, that were present to avoid the spread of new violence, did not stop them.
Even though it was the most important day for them, Nuit Debout is not over. In the following days, precisely on 17th and 19th Mai two major protest day are going to be hold.
Nuit Debout has been able to communicate with the world and the world has responded loudly.


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