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(English) Contemplative Social Research – Caring for Self, Being and Lifeworld, edited by Valerie M. Bentz and Vincenzo Giorgino

See the preview here: Contemplative Social Research_comp


A new publication from Fielding University Press edited by Valerie Bentz and Vincenzo Giorgino

Contemplative Social Research brings together a range of current ideas and theories by top international scholars. These authors question existing theories of self, mind, culture and society, and instead focus on emerging new forms of Being. Contemplative inquiry moves disciplines toward recognition of the deep oneness of humanity and interdependence with other living beings. With a foreword by Rick Moody and Sander Tideman, this volume moves the social and human sciences forward to a deeper level, blurring boundaries between disciplines and cultures in search of the true nature of the being(s).


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