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(English) ESA RN20 Qualitative Methods Midterm Conference, 1-3 September 2016, Krakow

Download the full program here: Program
THURSDAY  11.45-12.45
Group A1 (room KL)
Contemplative Inquiry and Research Technologies
Chair: Anna Kacperczyk
Barton Buechner
Contemplative Research as Therapy: A Phenomenologically
Informed Social Constructionist Approach to Understanding and Addressing Individual and Collective “Moral Injuries” in Online Communities
Sergej van Middendorp
Past Reality Integration as a ContemplativE Inquiry to Uncove, Improvise, and (ReEmbody the Metaphors Hidden in the Soma -System Continuum
Ayumi Nishii
Heideggerian Hermeneutic Phenomenological Methodology: Introduction to a Research Methodology Rooted in Heideggerian Philosophy
THURSDAY 16.15- 18.15
Group A2 (room KL) Contemplative Inquiry and Research Technologies
Chair: Giampietro Gobo
Evelyn Beck
Dance as Epistemology: Embodied Knowledge and Social Change through Communal Dance
Suzanne Begin Recognition and Ricoeur
Vincenzo Giorgino
An Effective Toolkit to Take on Social Suffering. Breaking Boundaries for a Wiser Transformative Intervention
Christopher Mare
Designing for Consciousness: Towards a Theory of Environmental Design Adapting
Neurophenomenology as Methodology
Tracey Feltham King, Catriona Macleod
How Content Analysis May Complement and Extend the Insights of Discourse Analysis: An Example
of Research on Constructions of Abortion in South African Newspapers 1978–2005
Valerie Malhotra Bentz
Who is the Researcher? Soma, Contemplation and Lifeworld in ‘Digitneyland

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