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(English) Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy, December 1-4 2016, Philadelphia

Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy

A conference for inspiration, education, networking, and action. December 1-4, 2016

Co-sponsored by Quaker Institute for the Future, New Economy Coalition, and the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance.

[The conference begins with onsite check-in starting at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 1, followed by dinner at 6:00 and our opening plenary at 7:30. It concludes with our midday meal at noon on Sunday, December 4.]

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Moral Economy ConferenceNow more than ever, progressive people of faith will are called to continue the work of building the Beloved Community. We face increased corporate power on a global scale, precarious Wall Street financial meltdowns, widening wealth and income inequality, the criminalization of poverty, the scorching of our planet, resource wars, and other threats to the common good and true democracy.

The well-being of our species and the health of the natural world depend on our participating in the Great Transition away from an extraction/domination economy based on perpetual growth and towards a sustainable political economy focused on ensuring that basic human needs are met.

Join thought leaders, intellectuals, activists on the ground, and others at work building a sustainable economy. Beyond envisioning a moral economy, we will engage in strategic planning to realize the vision. What does a moral economy look like? What are the challenges that confront us in establishing it? What opportunities do the precarious state of global capitalism and accelerating climate change provide to galvanize action? What are the incremental and intermediate steps already being taken to bring forth our common vision? How do we build on those efforts to establish them on a larger scale?

The conference will include plenary sessions with speakers and panels, open forum small group discussions, workshops, and whole group visioning and action sessions.

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