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2016, Link, Settembre, Uncategorized

(English) ESA RN20 Qualitative Methods Midterm Conference, 1-3 September 2016, Krakow

2016, Luglio, Publications, Uncategorized

(English) Beyond Self: Ethical and Social Dimensions of Economics – Laszlo Zsolnai

2016, Giugno, Link, Uncategorized

(English) The Neurosocial City by Des Fitzgerald & Nikolas Rose

2016, Giugno, Publications, Uncategorized

(English) Is the Body the Temple of the Soul? Modern Yoga Practice as a Psychosocial Phenomenon – Krzysztof Konecki

2016, Link, Maggio, Uncategorized

(English) Is Ada Colau the Most Radical Mayor in the world? – Dan Hancox

2016, Giugno, Publications, Uncategorized

(English) China's Government is using religion for Social-Ecological transformation – Zach Walsh

2016, Link, Maggio, Uncategorized

Dalla critica dei social media all'interattività cooperativa – Intervista di Bernardo Parrella a Geert Lovink

Dibattito Aperto, Uncategorized

Proposta di legge per favorire l'innovazione e lo sviluppo tecnologico delle città (smart city)

2016, Link, Maggio, Uncategorized

(English) EIP SCC General Assembly of the European Innovation – Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities – 24th May 2016 – Eindhoven, Netherlands

2016, Maggio, Publications, Uncategorized

(English) The Global Ecovillage Network: Process Philosophy and Ecological Theology Applied – Zack Walsh

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