(English) Krzysztof  KONECKI 


Chief of Sociology of Organization and Management Department, University of Lodz, Poland, editor-in-chief of Qualitative Sociology Review (www.qualitativesociologyreview.org ), chair of a section of Qualitative Sociology and Symbolic Interactionism of Polish Sociological Association.

He is a member of the Executive Committee of European Sociological Association (2013 – 2015) and a member of the Board of Qualitative Methods Research Network of European Sociological Association. He works at the University of Lodz (Poland). He published extensively on qualitative methods and grounded theory methodology. His research interests include the sociology of organization and management, human – non-human animals interactions, visual grounded theory, contemporary forms of spirituality: yoga and meditation practices. He served as a Chair and Vice-Chair of the Qualitative Methods Network of ESA.

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