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2016, Maggio, Publications, Uncategorized

(English) The Global Ecovillage Network: Process Philosophy and Ecological Theology Applied – Zack Walsh

2016, Link, Maggio, Uncategorized

(English) Policies for Commons Collaborative Economies at the European level. A new document from the Procomuns of Barcelona – TEXT IN PROGRESS

2016, Call for Papers, Uncategorized

(English) The Journal of Business Ethics – How can the discipline of economics – and teaching of economics within business schools – more adequately address issues of business ethics?

2016, Link, Maggio, Uncategorized

(English) Can a City Be Sustainable? – 10 May 2016

2016, Eventi, Maggio, Uncategorized

FirstLife MashUP! – Sviluppatori Web & Progettisti sul territorio – 21 Maggio 2016 – Torino

2016, Eventi, Maggio, Uncategorized

(English) Integral Ecology, Earth Spirituality and Economics Annual European SPES Conference May 27-29, 2016, Bodo, Norway

2016, Link, Maggio, Uncategorized

(English) #NuitDebout 2 – How #NuitDebout turned into #GlobalDebout – Angela de Bernardi

2016, Link, Maggio, Uncategorized

(English) Democratic Cities – Commons technologies and the right to a democratic city – 23/28 May 2016 – Madrid

2016, Link, Maggio, Uncategorized

(English) CAPS Community Meeting and Workshop – 18 May 2016 – Berlin

Last News, Uncategorized

(English) #NuitDebout 1 – The movement that can change the world as we know it – Angela de Bernardi

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