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About us

 WiseLifeLab is a research group at the Department of Economic and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Turin engaged in various programs aimed at co-designing a society based on just and wise economic relationships through digital technologies that favour the development of human potential and life on the planet.

The team members who are part of this subproject are:

Vincenzo M.B. Giorgino, Economic Sociologist, Aggregate Professor and team coordinator.

Among his recent publications:

With Walsh Z. (eds.) 2018 Co -Designing Economies in Transition. Radical Approaches in Dialogue with Contemplative Social Sciences, London, Palgrave.

Sowelu Avanzo, Graduated in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets at the University of Turin 2020. He wrote his thesis in the field of economic sociology about the implementation of blockchain-based community currencies in Kenya. He is currently working at the University of Turin as tutor for two courses: Life Skills and Digital Ecosystems: Perspectives and Methods and Economic Sociology. From January to August 2019 he was working in the Compliance Department of Depaho Ltd., a derivative broker based in Cyprus. From July to September 2018 he worked as an intern at Easythings Ltd., Brasilia, a start up operating in the healthcare sector.

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